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I write regularly for a range of publications, including The Guardian, The New Statesman, The Observer and The Spectator.


Since 1987 I have contributed to the Guardian Country Diary - a short article every other week on nature. For my Guardian profile and latest articles click here.


Here are some other recent pieces of journalism. In spring I reviewed Jennifer Ackerman's fabulous study of avian cognition (bird brains) The Genius of Birds for the Wall Street Journal. This winter I made it one of my books of the year in the Spectator.


My October piece on Madeleine Bunting's excellent Love of Country in the New Statesman.


An article about the recent declaration of the Puffin as a species threatened with global extinction. Grim tidings I am afraid. New Statesman.


May '16 review of two excellent 'nature' books with a difference: Thomas Thwaites' GoatMan and Charles Foster's Being a Beast in the New Statesman.

Photo: Rachael Cocker