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No. Not an image of the first reed bunting (see the home page) of the year singing his brave little heart out. Well, not quite. I was struck as I watched him, head tilted to the morning Sun, that as he sang, so he was sat and swaying upon the wind-blown crown of a reed stem. Not only that, he ate the phragmites seeds as he performed, even doing both simultaneously (isn't the avian syrinx absolutely incredible!). These grass stems, which bless all of Claxton marsh at the moment, are last year's crop. So they are literally made of last summer's light. Since the reed bunting eats reed seeds, his song too, in a sense, is fashioned from last year's sunshine.


Here in this image - of last year's reeds reflected just recently in the beck  in Claxton - you can enjoy both new and old sunlight all in one go.

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Photo of the Month